Wachsen in der synodalen Arbeit in Schönstatt


DATE:                       Saturday, March 19, 2022

COORDINATORS:        Manrique and Lourdes Gutiérrez (Costa Rica)

MODE:                     Virtual: presentations and then exchanges in  working groups.


  1. Gonzalo and Ileana Montero de Vega (Costa Rica), National Advisors of the Family Branch. Experience of the work of Lay Advisors in Costa Rica.
  2. Jaime and Lourdes Ortiz (Paraguay), National Advisors of the Apostolic League of Families. Importance of Advising and Directing the Movement in a Synodal Work.
  3. Sister Gertrud – Maria Enhard (Hungary). Institute of Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. The Direction of the Movement shared with a couple from Hungary.



  1. José Luis Correa Lira (Chile). Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers. Advisor and National Director of Costa Rica. Continental Schoenstatt Coordinator.
  2. Sr María Auxiliadora Bohórquez (Ecuador). Institute of Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. Continental Coordinator of Schoenstatt.


Participants from 16 countries: Argentina, Austria/Hungary, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, United States and Uruguay.


The presentations of this workshop highlighted the experience in advising and directing the movement through the joint work of the different Schoenstatt communities, so that the priests, consecrated and lay people are used in the same way, at the same level.

Experiences from three different countries were presented, where the Advising of priests and/or consecrated persons is shared with Lay Advisors within the Schoenstatt Movement. These experiences show a concrete synodal work that has had a successful creative result and is being projected in an organic growth of the movement in those places.

In this journey together, one does not exclude the other, but rather expresses the desire of our Father and Founder about the role of the laity and their work together with the Secular Institutes, expressed in question 16 of the book „The 150 Schoenstatt Questions“ to which one of the participants of the workshop made reference:

„What role do the laity play in the movement?

The laity are not in the Schoenstatt Work a ‚third order‘ of the Secular Institutes that exist in it. They are, so to speak, the central body of Schoenstatt, at whose service are those who have been called to a life consecrated to the Lord. They play, therefore, „an essential and leading role“. Schoenstatt is a markedly lay Movement. Its spirituality has a markedly lay or secular character (of those who live in this ’seculum‘), in the midst of the world. The Secular Institutes of the Movement (including the priests) also share the same secular spirituality.

The Schoenstatt structure also avoids any kind of clericalism, since the advisors do not possess any juridical rights over the communities of the Movement, but only offer them their service.“