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General Presidium


Brings together the leaders of all the communities that are part of the Apostolic Movement, the General Presidium serves the unity and promotes teamwork in matters of common interest.

It bears the final responsibility for the spiritual legacy of the founder and for the authentic teaching in the spirit of his charism.

It represents the entire Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt. In its relationship to the Holy See, the General Presidium is dependent on the Pontifical Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, to which it periodically informs about the life and activities of the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt.

International Coodination of the Schoenstatt Movement

The International Coordination Office, instituted by the General Presidium, is responsible for operational tasks at the service of cooperation and inspiration for the promotion of the common apostolate of the Apostolic Movement.


It maintains the Movement’s official online site. There, he makes known the events of international interest, as well as those that take place at the church level. By means of a quarterly bulletin it gathers the existing life in different countries and annually publishes the Movement’s annual report.


In solidarity and mission consciousness, it collaborates in the unity of the Movement at the international level, gathering the existing life-streams in the countries, promoting reflection regarding the signs of the times and mutual support to respond to what God is asking of us. To this end, he regularly convokes the Pentecost Congresses.


It represents the Schoenstatt Movement in general before the Church and society.

Continental Coordination of the Americas

It has the same structure and tasks of the International Coordination.

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